~A Journey Through Life~: You who choose it

Monday, 19 November 2012

You who choose it

it really change us bit by bit for whom we want to be..
don't you agree..?

As the time passes through..
sometimes we might lost our track 
a bit or is it more.. 
who knows really?

In all of your journey that you've been through
can't you already seen it 
that ,the one who knows is 

You know why you do such a thing..
you  know why your being that way..
you know why you choose this path..

You choose it ..
because ..
you know its the real path ..
and you know what is the best for you..

you try to blind yourself..
telling yourself that,
that is the right thing to do..
while in your heart there's a calling
"NO! it isn't!"

oh why?
did you try to full yourself..

so foolish of you..

p/s: choose the right thing to do..
      In sha Allah..
      you know the right answer to it..


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